Aid Ira

There is a great need for people to serve the refugees living in Hungary outside of Budapest, because they are often isolated and have little access to donations of food and other items. We have compiled a list of over sixty families living in over twenty towns and cities all across Hungary and are partnering with aid organization and churches to assemble care packages and deliver them to these needy families. Besides meeting their physical needs, we also want to minister to the emotional and spiritual needs of these refugee women and children by building relationships with them and connecting them to local Christians from churches nearby. To that end, we are planning to hold regional concerts of Ukrainian music to give these refugees a place to connect with each other and with those who want to help them.

In order to better facilitate this project, we would like to have our whole Budapest staff get driver's licenses. This will also help us with other projects and will give these refugees a marketable skill that they can take with them into the uncertain future. Please contact George at if you are interested in sponsoring one of our staff in obtaining a driver's license.