Budapest, Hungary

When the war started, Olya Syniuk was living in Kyiv, Ukraine, serving with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and ministering alongside George and Sharon Markey to plant a church in Kyiv. Due to the constant threat of rocket strikes and ground attack in Kyiv, she evacuated to western Ukraine, where she partnered with Calvary Chapel for a short time to serve other people like herself who had fled west to escape the violence. Now that she is in Budapest, Olya organizes aid deliveries to Ukrainian refugees living all over Hungary, helps translate for them, and uses her musical gifts to encourage and unify the refugee community. You can listen to her music here.


When the invasion started, Tanya Tchmil was living in Kyiv, Ukraine, working for a publishing house and helping George and Sharon Markey plant a church in the capital. She and her mother fled to Hungary to escape the threat of war in their cities. Tanya organizes event logistics for Bridge UA's Hungarian projects and coordinates teams of volunteers, using her English abilities to interface with non-Ukrainians.


Tanya Blinova was working as an interior designer and architect in Ukraine prior to the war. Because of the Russian invasion, she evacuated to Hungary to take her brother's five children to safety. They were living near Kyiv and were in imminent danger from the heavy fighting around them. Tanya is also an economic refugee, because her mother, disabled brother, and 20-year-old nephew are all still in Ukraine and rely on her for financial support, but she is unable to find any work in her field in Ukraine. Tanya is in charge of the creation and maintenance of the Ukrainian side of the website to connect refugees from Ukraine with aid and helpful resources.


Cracow, Poland

Prior to the war, Taras and Tasha Kyschun and their three children were living in Kyiv, where they ran a private kindergarten and served in a variety of ministries in their church. When they fled Ukraine, Taras was allowed to accompany his family because they have three children. They are now living in Cracow, Poland, where they have many new opportunities for ministry. Because he is able to travel freely between Ukraine and Poland, Taras has helped transport people and deliver aid to Ukraine, and they are very involved in serving refugees in Poland, especially children.